We are a team of artistic professionals and ecology enthusiasts and we live a fully sustainable life in our families. We go to work daily on foot, on bikes and electric scooters, rather than using cars. We care what we eat, what we dress and always buy Eco Design products which are available in the market.

We have turned our Homes into a Sustainable living places where majority of Homeware products in our houses are handmade Eco Design products from different recycled materials. 

We are searching daily for innovative Eco Designers who are changing the world with their unique Eco Design products, or new creative Eco ideas, make and create new Eco materials, which can be turned into a Eco Design Unique Gifts. 

Join our friendly and conscious community today and support our Eco Design lifestyle, ideas and Eco Design movement, which we try to bring to the rest of the world. 

We just Love Eco Design and hope you will Love it too!

Founder, Don