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Eco Design Handmade reed diffuser “Fresh Amber”

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A fresh combination of amber, blackcurrant and lime is exceptionally eloquent. Top and middle notes are dominated by deep and refreshing fragrances of lime and blackcurrant.

Lasts up to 10 weeks if stored/placed correctly
Composition: Eco Reed Diffuser Base, Eco Fragrance Oil
Volume: 100 ml
Top notes: Blackcurrant, lime
Middle notes: Geranium, cardamon
Base notes: Black amber, Cedar wood

The tenderness of amber and robust cedarwood makes this scent an authentic piece of home decoration. An elegant mixture of all these scents creates a fresh and luxurious candle aroma perfect for workplace, conference or guest room spaces. FRESH AMBER is both robust and original.

The FRESH AMBER home fragrance was designed and hand-packed in the ECO DESIGN Fragrance studio in Vilnius. You can adjust the intensity of the fragrance by changing the number of sticks. For the aroma to develop, we recommend initially using 6-8 sticks. If you prefer a more intense aroma, use all the sticks available. When the sticks appear to be too damp, turn them upside down once a week for a refreshing experience at home. Make sure to wash your hands afterwards.

The product is handmade and eco-friendly materials are used.

Keep the home fragrance away from direct sunlight (preferably in shadow).