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Eco Design Natural essential oils reed diffuser “Pure”

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PURE is an excellent, completely natural source of peace and balance. This home fragrance was created using only natural essential oils.

Lasts up to 15 weeks if stored/placed correctly
Composition: Eco Reed Diffuser Base, 100% Natural Essential Oil
Volume: 140 ml
Top notes: Bergamot
Middle notes: Geranium
Base notes: Cedar wood, vetiver

This is particularly well-balanced aroma for a strong character. The top notes of cedarwood relax the mind and soul, reducing stress and balancing emotions. The geranium essential oil reduces anxiety and improves mental and emotional condition. The bergamot essential oil reduces nervous tension, fatigue and stress, improves memory and boosts your spirit.

This home fragrance was designed and packed in the ECO DESIGN Fragrances studio in Vilnius. No hazardous chemical substances were used in the production process. A beautiful tinted glass bottle will become a stylish piece of decor in your bedroom, living room, bathroom or office.

For the aroma to develop, we recommend initially using 8-10 sticks. If you prefer a more intense aroma, use all the sticks available. When the sticks appear to be too damp, turn them upside down once a week for a refreshing experience at home. Make sure to wash your hands afterwards.

100 % natural home fragrance.

Keep the home fragrance away from direct sunlight (preferably in shadow).