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Eco Design Natural soy wax candle “Dress”

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"DRESS" is a fresh and gentle mixture of summer flowers and fruits.

Materials: vegan soy wax, Eco cotton wick, recycle glass jar, Eco fragrance oil, Carton box, paper label
Burning time: 40–45 hours
Composition: Soy wax, fragrance oil
Volume: 180 ml | 435 g
Top notes: Sweet orange, apple
Middle notes: Peony, mango
Base notes: Lotus, rosewood

A romantic and emotional combination of white lotus flower and vanilla fragrance with fresh mango and elegant peony creates the sensation of silkiness and refreshment. A subtle and sensuous mixture of fruit and flower is a mood booster mottled with beautiful emotions. Enjoy summery DRESS scent at home throughout the year.

This candle was designed and hand-packed in the ECO DESIGN Fragrances studio in Vilnius. The use of wicks ensures steady burn and more intensive aroma.

It is made of 100 % natural soy wax. New-generation silky wicks are lead and zinc free, that is why this candle is Eco-friendly.